Perfectly Sane

God do I hate fight scenes. They are so goddamn hard to right.

I'm writing Chapter 14 of My Brother's Keeper, and there's a fight scene (Vergil vs. Nero, Dante trying to prevent them from killing each other). Fight scenes of effing hard to write. I guess I signed up for this though, with this being the Devil May Cry fandom and everything. Still, eff it.

Aside from that, I believe it is safe to say I have an unhealthy obsession with Devil May Cry. I spent twenty bucks today on the HD Collection despite a) my blazing, undying love for the PS2, b) owning all three of the games, c) I was there with family buying a printer, d) I only had ten on me (thanks family), e) I'm behind in college crap. Woops.

Here's how it went:
Me: Split this with me? (Speaking to my dad who get's motion sick playing games)
Him: Sure. Don't you own those already though?
Me: Yeah.
Him: So why are you buying it?
Me: Uh... It's in HD?

DMC Canon

I love the Devil May Cry 1 novel. It's goddamn amazing.

However, it's not canon. Instead, the unfinished Devil May Cry 3 manga is considered canon. Something that is unfinished, will never be finished, is canon over an amazing piece of work. Kay Capcom.

So yeah, when I write fanfiction, here's my canon: DMC1 Novel, DMC3, DMC1, Anime, DMC4, DMC2 Novel, DMC2. Unfinished manga be damned.

DmC: What would happen?

By this point, a lot of people are certain that the DmC continuity will be discontinued. Capcom financially doesn't appear to have the ability to support both and the original continuity is obviously more popular than the reboot.

I find this a little sad, and hope that in the future they'll be able to continue both. If they become finanicially better off, they really should continue with both. The story of DmC needs some polishing, but it has a lot of potential. Especially if you want to go in introduce new versions of Lady, Nero, and Trish.

This line of thought has recently spawned the idea for a trilogy. The Queen, The Jack, and The King. The Queen is Lady's story. The Jack is Nero's story. The King introduces Trish. I may or may not make The Jack come before The Queen.

In The Queen, Lady, once a fringe devil hunter, has now become famous with demon's out in the open. She must pair up with Dante and Kat when a cult of demon-worshipping humans led by Arkham have made a deal with the demon king to becomes demons themselves if they can kill Dante. Despite the fact the demon king (Vergil, unknown to Dante) basically makes the plot happen, he plays no role in the story beyond kicking it off.

In The Jack, The Order of the Holy Sword has been killing demons and collecting devil arms. Based off a small island off the coast of Italy named Fortuna, they are said to guard the entrance to Heaven: Purgatory. A young knight named Nero fights Dante when the nephilim attempts to have a meeting with Sanctus about this. Kat infiltrates their ranks to learn what they are up to and is eventually arrested. The Order is attempting to resurrect the angel Azrael, and they need Dante since he has Sparda's blood in him (Sparda was the one that killed Azrael). As in DMC4, Nero is used (in this, Nero is a Cambion, half-human half-demon) because he is of Sparda's blood.

I still need to figure out what The King's main plot is, but I know Trish will look like this game's Eva and be a demon and the main villian will be Vergil. 

Pairing 3

Third times the charm, neh?

I want to make this clear; I don't give a shit about pairing when it comes to DMC fanfiction. Being pampered by have more fics for my pairing in InuYasha than there are for the entire fandom of Devil May Cry just kind of makes me think about pairings.

Let me start with one I've decided I really like despite the lack of it. Trish/Vergil. I'm okay with Trish/Dante though the mom aspect is kind of creepy and what holds me back. I don't see the same thing with Trish/Vergil because I can totally see the Oedipus Complex on Vergil. His desire for more power comes from his failure to protect his mother. Makes sense.

Patty/Dante. This one makes me feel strange. I don't really prefer this one, because I prefer them in older-brother/little-sister type of way. But, what is the difference between this and Sess/Rin? It just makes me feel kind of hypocritical. Still, I don't care if this is in a story, as long as the story is good and interesting.

God, is this going to become a bi-weekly thing?

Writing Preferences

In my stories, you will usually find a woman as a villian.

Now this isn't because I'm mysogenistic or shit like that. I like my gender, 'kay? And it infuriates me when it's treated as less then because we have boobs and bare children. It's because I like female villians.

I like villians with style. A man of wealth and taste like villians, sohpisticated cunning ones. Ones that'll smile to your face, and stab a knife in your back. Villians aren't honorable, rivals are, but not villians. I'm fine with these villians being male or female, but I just prefer females. I guess because most female villains aren't the type of villian I like, just males. Female villians are usually bitchy, jealous ex-girlfriends. Men get to be savvy in evil.

Whatever, I was just thinking about my taste in female villians.

Christmas Rant

When I hear people telling me that Christmas is a holiday about giving, not recieving, and being with family, I laugh.

Christmas is a consumer holiday, that is fact. Christmas shopping in a capitalist act. There's nothing wrong with it in and of itself. What's wrong with it is when you have to get gifts for people and your constantly wondering will they like it. Especially when it comes to your own family. 'Cause you don't know.

Ugh, and then there is family dinner. Ham. Why did this get popular again? What diety hates me so much that they made ham a staple of Christmas dinner?

Oh and then yesterday I was forced into the worst thing ever. Dinner with the extended family. These are people I've never met before but I was obligated because we share varying degrees of similar DNA. PS: your mashed potatoes sucked, you didn't even have a veggie tray, and there was only one thing green at that entire dinner (plus it has bacon in it so eff it).

In other words, I not have to edit my Christmas DMC one-shot to perfection 'cause right we just got the random appearence of Vergil that really doesn't make sense.

The Curse of Writing Fanfiction

The majority of my ideas for DMC fanfiction come from bringing Vergil back to life, or explaining Nero's history.

Today I realized that the majority of my ideas would be jossed. I want to write these ideas so I have two options if SE explains these things: write them before hand or write them afterwards and make sure people know the idea came before. Fun...

That, or I'm worrying needlessly because Capcom isn't doing that.

Devil May Cry 4: Play Through

Okay, so I finally completed the first part of the game (Up to the fight against Sanctus with Nero). It was a pretty easy fight (admittedly I'm playing on Human mode 'cause I suck).

First off, platforming sucks in this game. It just does. Fixed camera angles really hurt the platforming. At least the devil bringer makes it easy but eff it isn't hard. Bosses so far have been easy, except for Bael and...

Time to bitch about the bossfight against Dante. Seriously, that was effing annoying. Kept getting Stingered and every time I shot him he meets the bullets. Or he'll do that attack where he fires Ebony and Ivory and just ugh... Effing awful. But I beat him, and the beat the snot out of Sanctus who was levels easie than either Dante or Bael (he is an old man though...). I can see now why people complain about the Dante fight being that ONE fight. Vergil was easier than that in 3 (ha, don't even get me started about Nevan).

Anyways, enough bitching for now. Once I'm done with this game, I will talk about my expectations and wishes for DMC4:SE.